30 May 2016 – Midnight to Midnight

18 Holes of virtual golf, played with your mouse

mouse mascot

With your mascot,
Rory Mackelmouse

Play eighteen holes of golf with your mouse!  
Yes, on-line golf is possible and … 
“You can even play in your pyjamas”, says Rory our Mouse-scot. 
How does it work?

  1. You register (see link below) and pay to play. A few days before 30th May you receive, by e-mail, a link to the game on our website. 
  2. You can practice a few times and then,
  3. On 30th May, from midnight, play a game. In fact there's no limit to the number of games played, but only one scorecard will be valid.
  4. Winners will be notified by e-mail and may collect their prizes or have them "snailed".
  5. The Rotary Satellite e-Club of Ryde submits cheques to our beneficiaries.

to play 
The game will be single player, stroke play, over eighteen “holes”. No handicap will be recorded or reported and the winner will be the player with the lowest score. 
There will be a cost to play - $30 per game. We’ve settled on a software solution that is easy to use and a bit of fun and it’s the one you must use to enter and qualify.  All nett proceeds will go to our three charities. 
There are practically no running costs so the more we can raise, the greater benefit to our charity recipients. There’s not even a bar tab to settle. 
Winner(s) will receive recognition on submitting their scorecard from the approved software at the end of the tournament which will be held on one day only – Monday 30th May 2015. The great thing is, players can take as little or as long to play (typically 18 holes takes about 45 minutes) as needed, but you can submit only one scorecard which must have a valid date-stamp.

Local and global participants
Anyone, anywhere in the world can play. All that is needed is a PC (desktop or laptop) and a connection to the internet. The computer and browser must be Flash compatible (as are almost all computers which aren’t tablets or smartphones).  

Authority to fundraise
The Rotary Satellite e-Club of Ryde, through its parent club, the Rotary Club of Ryde Incorporated, holds the authority to fundraise (Number 10848) from the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing, under Section 16 of the Charitable Fundraising Act 1991. 

Bookings for Players
Bookings for a game can be made now, on-line, at